Media Tip Sheet

SARDAR: From Afghanistan’s Golden Age to Carnage, Book 1

WHO: Author Abdullah Sharif
WHAT: SARDAR, From Afghanistan’s Golden Age to Carnage
WHEN: Anytime by appointment
WHERE: National & regional interviews by phone; other areas in person TBA
WHY: To introduce your audiences to a unique Afghan American who was born in Afghanistan and grew up in its Golden Age (1930 to mid-1970s); left for America before the country fell to communism and the Taliban; who became an American citizen; and returned to Afghanistan as a U.S. peace diplomat to help rebuild and bring rule of law to his birth country

Please feel free to use these sample questions for your show/article:
● In your book, SARDAR, From Afghanistan’s Golden Age to Carnage, you emphasize the importance for Americans to be culturally sensitive in working with locals while serving overseas. What are good examples to learn from, that you’ve written about, in your book?
● What made you deploy not once, but twice, to Afghanistan?
● Please explain to Americans what we can do as civilians to promote world peace. And peace within our local communities?
● What can parents do to encourage their kids to become more aware of the need to get along better at school, and sow the seeds for peaceful co-existence later, as adults?
● What would you say are necessary qualities to develop, for Americans to live more peaceful lives?
● What have you found are helpful tips in putting across ideas clearly, for everyone to understand what’s being discussed, in a group with diverse interests?
● As a unique individual who’s equally comfortable in both western and eastern societies, what qualities enable you to function effectively in both arenas?
● What are some benefits of being a peace diplomat? The downsides?
● What do you hope is the biggest lesson readers will take away from your book?
● How can listeners/readers get a copy of SARDAR, From Afghanistan’s Golden Age to Carnage?

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